Benefits of Regular Sauna Treatments

Aside from being a most unique way to relax, saunas also have a number of very practical, and often overlooked benefits, they include:

Eradicating Toxins

Sauna treatment can effectively remove toxins from your body through inducing sweat. This is the perfect way of ridding your body of unwanted, and potentially, harmful chemicals that have developed.

Aid Weight Loss

While saunas themselves will not make you thinner, they can greatly contribute to you overall weight loss if enacted properly. On average, a 20 minute sauna session at 170 degrees Fahrenheit can burn up to 500 calories through increasing your heart rate and metabolism.

Improve your Immune System

Saunas can directly improve your immune system by helping to produce white blood cells. White blood cells allow the body to fight against ailment and disease. Regular sauna users are better equipped to deal with illness and can heal faster from injuries.

Difference between Steam Rooms and Saunas

The difference between a steam room and a sauna can be summed up as wet versus dry. While this may appear a little simplistic, the basic point rings true. Steam rooms are wet and have a high level of humidity while, in general at least, saunas tend to be drier.

Steam rooms tend to be airtight spaces where humidity generally builds to 100. This makes it the perfect location for a person with respiratory problems and related illnesses.

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